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Striper Fish Recipes

Striper Fish Recipes from Striper Hunter Guide Service.

"Over the years, my dear friends Dinah and Capt. Cal and myself have collected, or created, these recipes for Striped Bass. They have all been eaten and enjoyed by our families. We hope you will treasure this cookbook and use it as a reference when cooking any kind of whitefish." - Capt. Stephen


Oven Smoked Striper

Baked Casseroles

Striper Quiche
Tomato Baked Striper
Crunchy Baked Striper
Mediterranean Striper
Parmesan Cream Striper

Sautéed & Fried

Beer Batter Striper
Lee Beckhams Magic
Sautéed Striper
Marinated Striper
Louisiana Fried Striper
Blackened Striper


Texoma Lobster


Striper Béarnaise